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Newsletter August 2018

Newsletter August 2018

The morning started out like any other typical morning before a hunt. His alarm went off at 3:30 AM, and he quickly jumped out of bed, excited for what the day had in store. However, this hunt was different. This hunt he was sharing with his young son.

Before they left, Dad double checked their gear and then was off to chase the elusive axis deer. With the moonlight leading the way, they walked through the overgrown brush that lines the fields of Upcountry. As they crept slowly along they could hear the bucks screaming just over the mountain. As they made it to the top of the gulch they were startled by another scream. This one seemed only yards away. Father and son instinctively dropped to the ground.

They waited a few minutes to catch their breath and let the excitement within settle down. Slowly they both began to scan the fields, looking for the buck they heard. The overgrowth provided the perfect amount of cover for the axis.

After giving a few loud rattles they both saw the grass start to shake and antlers rise above the grass.  Arrow nocked, they waited for the buck to move. Soon the buck made his way across the field and was within 20 yards. Dad drew his bow back, and slowly squeezed the trigger on the release. A loud thump filled the air! The buck reared and took off, only to make it a short distance.

As soon as they saw him fall to the ground his son turned to him and said “we did it Dad, we got him!”

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