Newsletter July 2018

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Her first season she managed to arrow a mule deer doe, second season a mule deer buck. Her third season she had a moose tag in her pocket.....

Shooting a moose was something she had always wanted to do, now she finally had the chance - but at 70 years old and shooting a max poundage of #40, was it possible?

She had done her part to prepare by practicing daily. With the help of her son the max distance to shoot was set at 30 yards. Each morning her son would pull into her driveway, well before daylight, and she would be waiting there with her bow in her hand. She would hike into the most miserable sports in the hopes to find an undisturbed bull. Every day she would give it her all, to the point of total exhaustion.

For 10 days in a row, as the rut came into full swing she has bulls within range but something seemed to always go wrong. She refused to quit.

Finally, her and her son saw a bull coming down the fence line. This time everything worked out perfect! Carol released and within seconds they saw the bull spin and run. They watched the bull fall after a short 100 yards.  In the words of her son "My mother had never witnessed a happy dance until that day, but I am betting she will never forget the emotions of that hard and successful hunt we shared together."