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Beginner Archery Equipment Questions

Are you looking for quick and clear answers about your beginner hunting and archery questions? You have come to the right place! Our team of expert bowhunters here at Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads have answers to all of your questions!

 What gear is needed for archery?

In recurve archery, all you will need is a bow, some properly fitted arrows, and a target to shoot at. In compound archery, you will be a bow and some accessories which will make the bow function as it is designed to, and well as properly fitted arrows. A compound bow requires the addition of an arrow rest, and usually a sight to shoot properly. While you can shoot a compound bow with your fingers, it is recommended to use a release aid, which is a tool designed to make drawing and shooting the bow easier and more accurate.

Is a 40 pound bow good for beginners?

A 40 pound compound bow is an ideal starting point for grown men. Females generally find it more comfortable to start with a 30 pound bow. For children, it is recommended to start as low as 15 pounds. If you are shooting a recurve bow, 40 pounds will likely be too much to begin with for anybody, because a recurve bow does not let off any weight at full draw like a compound bow does. In other words, 40 pounds on a recurve bow feels much heavier than 40 pounds on a compound bow.

Are expensive bows more accurate?

Yes and no, it is more about your ability as an archer! An expensive bow will feel smoother and more crisp upon release than a lower cost bow, so if comfort is important to you then you will probably shoot more accurately with a more comfortable bow. Any low-cost bow can shoot as accurately as an expensive bow if it is setup properly, has arrows which are built for it correctly, and if the archer has great form and technique. A more expensive bow may be faster, and have a nicer fit and finish – but it is not necessarily more accurate especially if it isn’t set up correctly.

How long can a bow last?

A bow can last for the life of the archer with regular maintenance. Annual tune-ups will be necessary to keep it shooting accurately, and string changes every 2-3 years may be necessary. Most archer’s choose to upgrade to a newer model long before their current bow shows any signs of needing replacement.

Should a beginner use a compound bow?

A compound bow is a great choice for beginners as long as the draw weight is set low enough, and the draw length is set correctly for the shooter. Compound bows are slightly more difficult to shoot than recurve bows at first, but most archers quickly come to prefer compound bows because of how much more accurate they are than recurve bows.

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