toothofthearrow Broadheads & Field Points 100 grains v-series 1-3/16 inch broadhead v-series (3-pack)

1-3/16 inch broadhead v-series (3-pack)

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As a hunter, it's essential to have confidence in your equipment.
That's why at Tooth of the Arrow, we design and manufacture all of our broadheads in the USA. Our 1-3/16-inch vented series broadhead is no exception.

Our 4-blade design features a shorter ferrule for improved flight and a heat-treated construction for superior durability.
Each broadhead is sharpened at 45 degrees for maximum sharpness, designed to create larger entry and exit holes on medium-sized game like deer and black bear.
When it comes to broadhead performance, we refuse to compromise.
Choose the American made precision of Tooth of the Arrow broadheads for your next hunt.


100 grain, 125 grain

Cutting diameter


Number of blades

4 blade fixed



Heat Treat

Through hardened to Rc45


Black Oxide

Angle of cutting edge

45 Degrees (included)

Penetrating Point

Chisel point design

Weight Location

Over 80% within the diameter
of the arrow shaft


Low profile design (more aerodynamic)

Unique Features

One-piece construction (Blades and body are machined from one solid bar of steel)

Country of Origin

100% U.S. made in our facility

Tooth of the Arrow's 1-3/16-inch fixed broadhead guarantees results. 

If you use Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads and do not experience better flight, more penetration, and quicker recoveries, let us know, and we will refund your order. That is the Tooth of the Arrow guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Michael Feutz
Great broadheads

I really like these broadheads. They are very durable and fly great. Easy to sharpen. They can be used for multiple deer. Great quality.

Daniel Dasher
Perfect broadheads!

These heads are truly perfect. They fly great, are super strong, and are crazy sharp. I've killed 2 deer so far this week with them. Both shots were pass throughs with the arrow 6 in the ground on the opposite side. The big entrance and exit holes make for easy recovery. I'm a customer for life!

Billy Joe Smith
Absolutely awesome

I love them Best broadheads on the market by far , fly amazing and I cannot wait to order my sharpener soon !

Selvaggio Andrew

A friend told me to give these broadheads a try I bought 6 of the 1” vented. I had a nice doe hard quartering right under my stand so I grabbed my Ravin R26 and aimed for the opposite front shoulder. The arrow passed almost the full length of the deer and slammed i to the mud on the other side. The doe trotted about 20 yards and started wobbling. Another 20 yards and it was down. Was really impressed with these broadheads.

excellent design

These heads have performed great for me over 6 years. 7 mature bucks dead. The sharpener works great and I have been able to recycle broadheads more than I would otherwise feel comfortable with. I have used both the 1 inch and 1-3/16 inch cuts and I would feel comfortable shooting a booner with either one. Have shot out to 80 with the big cuts and have no deviation from field point POI.

Dont cut yourself, they include the blade cover for tightening for a reason!

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