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Broadhead Sharpeners

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Tooth of the Arrow Sharpeners is specifically designed for the blade angle of Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads.

The Standard Sharpener works with both 1-inch and 1-3/16-inch diameter Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads.

Our Sharpeners are comprised of a plastic injected base with two 6-inch offset, medium grit stones. 

Tooth of the Arrow Sharpeners is recommended to be used with honing oil. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Steve Wowianko
Maybe the best

Best broadhead I’ve shot so far. Durable and fly like field points

Stan Gerlach
Excellent sharpener

Best Broadhead sharpener on the market to touch up or put a really fine edge on the broadhead well worth its price

Michael Mezerewski
not yet

haven't used it yet

Patrick Smith
Best broadhead on the market period!

I have been shooting 3 blade replaceable broadheads for years.
I was looking for something that was stronger, more durable, and delivered field point accuracy.
I can honestly state Tooth of the Arrow broadheads far exceeded my expectations.
They are razor sharp out of the package, hold edge and are easily sharpened.
They fly and group like field points. I shoot them from my compound bow as well as my crossbow that shoots 450+ fps.
I have harvested 3 whitetail deer with the same broadhead. They only thing I had to do after each deer was to sharpen the blades. I am amazed a the wound channel and blood trails these broadheads create.
It's not very often a broadhead can perform and deliver results like this. Thank you Tooth of the Arrow for making a superior product!!

Eduardo Vega
South Texas Javelina

I am very impressed with the broadheads, I didn't have any trouble recovering these Javelinas. I am a very happy customer.

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