Tooth of the Arrow | 320 Grit Broadhead Sharpener

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Style: 320 Grit

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Tooth of the Arrow | 320 Grit Broadhead Sharpener

Tooth of the Arrow Broadhead Sharpener
320 Grit
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Tooth of the Arrow | 320 Grit Broadhead Sharpener

Our broadhead sharpener is specifically designed for the blade angle of Tooth of the Arrow 4-blade broadheads.
Our broadhead sharpening jig works with both 1-inch and 1-3/16-inch diameter Tooth of the Arrow 4-blade broadheads. The single-bevel requires a flat stone sharpener.
Our Sharpeners are comprised of a plastic injected base with two 6-inch offset, 320 grit stones. 
The tooth of the Arrow broadhead sharpening jig is recommended to be used with honing oil.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Steve Bogner

Sharpener restores heads to like new condition.

Cliff Bittner
Great fixed broadhead for heavy front weight and windy conditions

The weight placement on the 1” 4 blade is perfect for my setup. I have a friend who will be investing in these this year after his Broadheads last year failed during our elk season. We live in a high wind area and these fly perfectly which is extremely important for us

Blair Boal
320 Grit Sharpener

When I ordered the TOTA 3 Blade, I also went ahead and bought the 320 Grit Sharpener knowing I was going to put at least one broad head through the gauntlet. I was surprisingly pleased that I only had to shoot the broad head a few times as it was hitting exactly as my field points but I went ahead and touched it up with the sharpener anyway. Only took a few light strokes on each blade and it was back to original cutting edge. I can’t wait to put them through a few rib cages this season!


Makes keeping your broadheads sharp a breeze!


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