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 Field Points

Tooth of the Arrow's field points are specifically designed for those who accept nothing less than the best. These aren't your average field points; they represent a blend of quality, durability, and precision that sets them apart.

Proudly machined from solid steel and bearing the seal of made-in-the-USA, our field points are manufactured to handle the rare off-target shots without an issue. 

Moreover, our field points offer an added benefit — their unique design allows for easy retrieval of arrows from targets. Less time spent wrestling your arrow free equals more time for valuable practice.

Whether you're all about preparing for your next hunt or just looking to improve at your local range, Tooth of the Arrow has you covered. Our field points come in various weights, including; 100-grain, 125-grain, 150-grain, and 175-grain.

Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship sets us apart. We're providing you with a promise - a promise of unmatched quality and durability. And because all of our field points are made in America, you're not only getting the best, but you're also supporting American manufacturing.

6 field points per pack


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