Tooth of the Arrow | 125 Grain Field Points

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125-Grain Field Points

Tooth of the Arrow field points are designed to meet and exceed the demands of even the most seasoned bowhunter.

Built with quality in mind, each 125-grain field point is machined from solid steel and is 100% USA-made. As a result, you can trust that your field-points will stay in perfect condition, even when, on rare occasions, you miss the target. The design of our field points ensures your arrows are easy to pull out of the target, leaving you with maximum practice time for success on the hunt.

When accuracy and precision matter most, our field points won't disappoint you - manufactured to industry-leading tolerances with superior quality control.

For those serious about hunting skills and improving their range practice, Tooth of the Arrow delivers a reliable, durable solution that won't disappoint you.

All Tooth of the Arrow field points have an 8-32 thread.

6 field points per pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Fly true and tough !

David Criscuolo

Great quality and very fast shipping

Matthew Eyster

I can count on these broadheads to fly true. They are tough enough to get the job done even through bone.

Venison in the freezer.

8 point yearling at 19 yards, under the apple tree in my yard. Thursday evening before Halloween.

Matthew Martin
Excellent broadlead!

I would be hard-pressed to be more pleased with a broadhead's performance then the tooth of the arrow broadheads I purchased for this false hunt. Drove all the way through the body cavity quartering away and absolutely destroyed the shoulder on the opposite side. Devastating!