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Can’t give a honest review I haven’t tried them out yet, but they seem to be made very well

Great flying fixed broadhead. Easy hassle free shipping and good customer service.

100 grain xl vented

Fly perfect right out of the package no tuning necessary

Best Broadhead flight

To had a sample pack of these in my Broadhead case for a longtime from bow hunter box. Never shot them. Decided to use them for a javelina hunt. No tuning since they were shooting like field points. Bought 12 more.


The Broadhead did a very good job shot an 7 pointer ran 30 yards fell over dead they are the best Broadhead I’ve ever used.

Great broadhead.

I have the non vented. Regular and XL. I like the XL up to 50 yards and the regular flew good for me just past 80. Haven’t tried them any further than that. Good quality. Nice and sharp out of the box. Will buy more 👍


They are my go to broadhead great penetration

Top quality broadheads! Razor sharp !

BEST of the Best

After48 years bow hunting I have finally found what I consider to be the best broadhead out there. These heads are the real deal.

Best flying fixed blades I have shot!!

The quality of the heads are amazing with a great price can’t wait to take to the woods this year! Well done TOTA!!

Great product

Would love to try the larger solid 4 blade along side of the 1 inch 100 gr

perfectly accurate!

i never had the confidence i now do using these tooth of the arrow solid 100gr. i can put money on 3 shots at 100yd inside a paper plate! at 40yds deadly!many coyotes and rabbits and grouse. 1 deer and 1 moose. to say these broadheads do their job is the truth. no tweeks or adjustments at all needed, got em, installed em and shot em all in 20 min.

Ready for bow season!!

Can’t wait for season to start so I can use them. Quality looks great.

Tee & Broad (heads)

Broadheads are amazing & got an awesome shirt to match….not much to dislike about the ol’ tooth & arrow gear!!! Primo stuff!!!!

First thoughts on 125 solid.

Best fixed head I've shot in very long time. Killed four deer this year and not one made past 65 yards.All but one got a pass through and it went clean to the fletching breaking the shoulder and the leg bone opposite side Highly recommend.

This could be what i have been looking for-

I really like the 4 blade 1 - 3/16th one piece broadhead. I shoot a lower kinetic energy compound bow set up and this broadhead has plenty of punch. It is durable for the most part and I purchased the 320 and 600 grit sharpeners for extended use.

100 grain vented

One of the best, if not the best broadheads I’ve shot. Flies true and no broadhead tuning was needed. 100% will recommend!

Flew just like the 100grain 1 inch!

Out to 40 yards they hit maybe a half inch low right from my 100 grain 1 inch. Amazing..can’t wait to see what they do during deer season!

Looks lmpressive

Haven’t had the chance to use them yet. Getting ready to sight them in with my Excalibur matrix for upcoming turkey season. I’m very impressed with their appearance and excited to use them. Will report back with any results.

Tooth of the Arrow | 320 Grit Broadhead Sharpener

Simple and effective

Easy to use and works good

Cuts and kills

Ordered, one week later shoot a nice buck with it at 20 yards. Solid piece of equipment