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Easy to use, puts great edge on 100% recommend might as well buy one and prolong your broadhead life.

TOTA 125 Single bevel

They are a lot smaller head then what I was expecting. But they fly like a dart. Took them on a recent elk hunt but didn’t get the opportunity to see the results on an animal. Hopefully next year I will be able to give a review on performance.

Insane accuracy

After watching a few videos, I decided to pull the plug on these broadheads. I took my first test shot at 30 with the field point and sent the TOTA down at the same spot. Wrong move. Ruined my arrow but was touching at 30!

Decided to throw one down to 40 and she was inside an inch. Screwed on a few more and it’s lights out. Can’t wait to see how they perform in the woods.

125 grain single bevel

Flying very close to field points. I’m happy so far

Tooth and arrow broadheads

These broad heads are probably one of the best that I’ve used, fly straight, no wobble.

Great Quality and Fly Straight

Shot very close to my field tips. Great quality machine work and very sharp.

Amazing machining

Didn’t get to kill this year but even on targets these are badass. Ditching mechanical for these solid blades. Love them. Thank you


I shot a 7 pointer quartering way went in on the third rib from the back of the deer and come out between the neck and front shoulder it cut the heart in half on one side of the heart it made it 20 yards and it was dead.

320 grit sharpener

Nice sharpener for getting edge back. Would recommend finer grit for getting razor edge. Was using one head for practice and this sharpener brought it back to edge to where it was when purchased. Would be nice if they made a sharpener with multiple grits built in one. That way could buy one and done. Great company and great heads, very satisfied.


Very well built, so far happy with my purchase.


Fly just like my field points and extremely sharp! I’ve harvest two does and they didn’t make it far. Love how the broadheads continue to rotate even after penetrated the animal!

They work

On my first hunt out with these I was presented with an opportunity on a young doe in an expanded archery zone (urban area with an over abundance of deer). The shot was about 18 yards and it completely passed through the scapula on entry, broke some ribs, exited and was driven into the ground. Very impressed

Awesome broadheads

I purchased the 125 grain, 1”, vented broadheads. They fly exactly like my field points. They were also extremely sharp right out of the package. I am very happy with these broadheads and can’t wait to hunt with them.

Tough, broad heads great blood

My dad and I switched from mechanicals to the 150grain XLs this year. He’s shootings a crossbow and me a compound. We’ve both harvested deer with them and they preformed very well. He had great success with a quartering away shot and I shot my buck at an extreme downward angle. Dad got a complete pass through on his deer. My arrow busted a rib on a high entrance caught both lungs and came to a stop after passing through ribs again low and stopped after hitting part of the scapula. Even with all that bone interaction the cutting edges weren’t beat up very much. Can’t wait the purchase the sharpener and use it again.


I have only had the chance to use them on targets. They fly incredibly well. I feel they are a bit more forgiving than the 4 blade. The rotation that occurs inside the target is no joke. I highly recommend these broad heads.

Good to go

Flies great hits right with my field points

100 grain single bevel

100 grain single bevel are fling exactly same as my field points… now let’s see what they do on a whitetail

I have not shot them at a deer yet. Fly good I will let y’all know when I do

Best Broadhead on the market

These Broadhead’s are hands down the best Iv ever shot from penetration to field tip accuracy they’re amazing. Them do it yourself hunter boys convinced me watching their videos and I’ll never shoot anything else.

Tooth of the arrow broadhead review

When I first seen them first thought was wow these are small, but once I shot them and seen the holes they were opening up I no longer have any doubts. These broadheads flew true, and very sharp I also bought the sharpener and so far I’ve only had to sharpen 1 and it was the first one I shot it went through 2 targets and was shot about 15 times per target, so it was due to be sharpened. Sharpener works great and tooth of the arrow has my business from here on out!

Classic Trucker
Rock Gianangeli

Very Pleased

Sharpeners and broadheads

Used the sharpeners seamed to do a good job, definitely simple task. Broadheads flew great, haven’t harvested an animal with yet


Great design to sharpen the broadheads. Does an excellent job puttin the edge back on them

600 grit sharpener

Cleans up the bevel nicely after shooting the broad heads through a target block. Puts a more polished finish on the edge than what comes from the factory. Pleased with the product.


Great looking broadheads...Gonna put them to the test this season!!

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