All Tooth of the Arrow Broadhead Reviews

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Great flight

Had the vented heads a few years ago. Bought the unvented ones. They fly just as true as field tips! Love them

Great Broadheads

Completely pass through on a black bear and didn’t go very far thanks to this sharpener.

Tota 4 blade 100 grain solid

I finally got a chance to test out the Broadhead all I did was screw them on my arrows. Went back to 50 yards shot three arrows group was very tight, even touched two arrows and sliced off the vanes on one arrow. can’t say enough for making a great product. Can’t wait for this year‘s elk hunt.

Broadhead sharpener

Works really well. Can reuse the broads after sharpening.

TOTA | 175 grain XL broadhead | 1-3/16-inch solid | fixed blade

Great Shirt

Great Shirt made with quality material. Wish they had more colors, as I would order again!

Sharpener restores heads to like new condition.

Great shirt

Great shirt and fits great!

Sharp and High Quality

Came razor sharp out of the box. No visible blemishes and look ready to do their job. Last piece of equipment needed for elk season this year.

Love em!!! They flight just like my field tips

1" solid broadhead

Great broadheads! Shoot just like fp and take care of the job easily!

They are very well made and fly amazing

TOTA | 100 grain broadhead | 1-inch vented | fixed blade

Great Broadhead

Just bought these and they are very sharp out of the pack. They fly true with my field points. Can’t wait to hunt with them this season!

Don’t get much better than this!

Took one straight out the pack, screwed it on an arrow and let it fly. I don’t even need to adjust my rest. Simply amazing. These are the first broad heads that I’ve never had to adjust anything for perfect flight. I’m sold. It’s TOTA all the way for me now. Excited for my out of state hunting trip this coming November!

Great broadheads

Durable and fly like field points. Sharp and get pass throughs.

Best fixed blades on the market, period.

Deadly to 80!

The small compact 1” 4 blade not only fly’s and groups as well as my field points, but packs a serious punch in North American big game animals!

Field points

Excellent quality and weight consistency. 👍🏻

Great addition to the TOTA family

very impressed. right out of the pkg they were super sharp. They are well made and the flight is amazing out of my set up. i can’t wait to head out this Fall with my arrows tipped with these beauties.

Expectations exceeded!

Typically three blade broadheads don’t come very sharp I suppose from the blade angle. However, these are wicked sharp and spin true. They are quiet in flight and very accurate!

Awesome heads. Fly great