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Loved them so much have as a Gift!

I used the XL tooth of the arrow for 2022 archery and absolutely loved them, well built, flew exactly where i wanted them. I have a seige rs10 tenpoint. crossbow with hot limbs, shooting about 420fps , also shoot the xl 1inch out of my Hoyt RX-5 and fly great, will be my go to BH from here on out. XL broadheads bagged my my buck at 30yards. So happy with them sent a set out for my friend to try since he hunts western game! You will not be disappointed with these BHs..

Shoot great

I’ve shot these heads out of three different bows. All flew right with my field points out to 40 yards. I’m impressed.

Quality Broadhead

I used the gift card to purchase a pack of the 125gr solid XL broadheads. Unfortunately, the purchase was towards the end of whitetail season so I haven’t had the opportunity to test the broadheads on game however, the feel and finish of the broadhead is excellent. They’re sharp right out of the pack and fly very well. I can’t wait to put them to use next season!

Zac Guin

Awesome will not shoot nothing else

100 grain solid

Fly the same as my field points very happy with them.

Great shooter

Picked these up bc I wanted to try something new for next season. I’ve only shot them a few times but they were almost dead on out the package. Just wish there was one practice head included but overall I can’t complain.


Couldn’t be happier with this purchase. Definitely be buying more.

First thoughts on 125 grain vented.

I haven't any shot any animals but I say this it's very accurate. Very easy to sharpen with thair sharping tool.

I would say the best broadheads on the market hands down. You guys have made the broadhead that can’t be touched and it’s on another level and gives me that pure confidence when I shoot a animal.!


These are very solid broadheads. They zip right through deer.


Top notch company with quality products.

125 solid standard

Super quiet with perfect flight, harvested some whitetails with them with excellent results. Easy to sharpen as well.

Great sharpener for my broadheads


These fly like field points.
Shot the heart out of two deer at 22yds with my Excalibur . Pulled both arrows out of the ground no damage done to either broadhead resharpen ready to go again.

100 grain vented original

I’m 73 yrs old and have bowhunted for 57 yrs. I have used all types of fixed and expandable broadheads over the years. The TOTA 100 grain vented original is the most accurate and durable broadhead I have ever shot. Shoots like my field points and holds an edge really well. The weight is consistent. I bought 12 and they all are less than 1 grain in variance. In my opinion for the price and quality they can’t be beat.

Chris Morehouse

Been using these broadheads for three years and I'll never need another. Accurate, tough, and puts animals down.

Kiss of Death

One mean looking head! Enough said

Just like field points!

I have a very old bow and the 125 solids just did not shoot well for son has a hoyt powermax and he was wanting to step up to 125's so I let him shoot these heads and they are absolutely like bullets!!! Could not be more impressed! Too late for this season but can't wait for turkey's or next deer season. I am going to try the vented XL 125's next for my bow!

Compact but deadly

Being able to practice shooting into a target and than sharpening and still getting that great result is a win in my book

Great product

Keeps a consistent angle for the novice sharpener like me!


Had just a tad of trouble with flight. Was bow issues. But other heads seem to be more forgiving if bow isn’t tuned. But once that was worked out flight is great. Great performance on game. Nothing fancy. Makes a hole and does what it needs.

1" vented.

Best flying broadhead I have ever used. First 2 hunts with em took 2 doe with same head. Sharpness gets 5 stars. Accuracy is a 5 star +. You have to have confidence in your equipment when bowhunting. With these heads, it's a no worry game now. Thank you for all the hard work you guys have put into making these broadheads. 5 star + in my book. Rodney Putman

Tooth of the Arrow | 100-grain XL solid | Fixed Blade Broadhead

125 grain 1 inch solids

They shoot real well,no planing whatsoever.

Great American Made broadhead

Can't wait to put them into action. Extremely well made. Thinking they will last me for years! I ordered the sharpener also.

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