TOTA | 125 grain broadhead | 1-1/8 inch | fixed 3-blade

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125-grain 1-1/8- inch 3-Blade | Fixed Blade Broadhead

3 Broadheads Per Pack

The Tooth of the Arrow 1-1/8-inch 3-blade broadhead is the perfect choice for bowhunters who prefer a 3-blade. 

The classic three blade technology meets our elite engineering to create an extremely accurate and silent 3-blade broadhead. The tanto tip is design to slit bone and hold up to the toughest conditions. The solid blade design create the quietest flight possible, while provided unmatched durability. 

All of our 3-blade broadheads are 100% USA made with the same attention to detail as the rest of our lineup.

Each blade is 0.040-inches thick and can be resharpened on a flat stone.

These broadheads come razor sharp out of the pack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Phil Madonna
Great addition to the TOTA family

very impressed. right out of the pkg they were super sharp. They are well made and the flight is amazing out of my set up. i can’t wait to head out this Fall with my arrows tipped with these beauties.

Trevor Pigg
Expectations exceeded!

Typically three blade broadheads don’t come very sharp I suppose from the blade angle. However, these are wicked sharp and spin true. They are quiet in flight and very accurate!

Excellent design

These fly great out of my recurve setup. The concentration of the weight in in line with the shaft really helps with flight on a tuned arrow. I got some of the first run, so unsurprisingly there were a few very minor quibbles. All 3 were about 2 grains shy of the full 125 but were all within like .3 grains of each other, so a little light but consistent which I can work with. I generally would rather the variation in weight be on the heavy end because these like every other broadhead I have ever bought from any company needed to have the blades touched up a little. They still had a minor burr on all 3 blades, all on the same side too. To be expected from a production sharpening process and handling before packaging. Honestly not the worst thing to still have the burr to hold up to all of the jostling and handling during the packaging and shipping process. Run them on a ceramic or Arkansa stone a bit to clean them up and they are golden, so no big deal. I'm sure as they make more of these they will iron out the wrinkles typical of any new manufacturing line and the quality and consistency will soon match that of their 4 blades. Haven't killed anything with them yet, but spring turkey season still has time.