TOTA | 100 grain broadhead | 1-1/8 inch | fixed 3-blade

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100-grain 1-1/8- inch 3-Blade | Fixed Blade Broadhead

3 Broadheads Per Pack

The Tooth of the Arrow 1-1/8-inch 3-blade broadhead is the perfect choice for bowhunters who prefer a 3-blade. 

The classic three blade technology meets our elite engineering to create an extremely accurate and silent 3-blade broadhead. The tanto tip is design to slit bone and hold up to the toughest conditions. The solid blade design create the quietest flight possible, while provided unmatched durability. 

All of our 3-blade broadheads are 100% USA made with the same attention to detail as the rest of our lineup.

Each blade is 0.040-inches thick and can be resharpened on a flat stone.

These broadheads come razor sharp out of the pack.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Blair Boal
3-Blade 100 Grain

I ordered the new TOTA 3 Blade upon their release and received them within one week. I was really curious to try them out of my Hickory Creek Vertical Mini crossbow set at 150lbs. I was pleased to learn that the 3 Blade flies as true as my field points! I didn’t have to change a thing on my setup. Looking forward to putting these heads to the test here in PA during the upcoming deer, turkey, and black bear seasons.

Awesome American made broadhead

These will are the heads I'll be using for elk this year. super accurate! These heads fly super quite and sharp as hell. Another awesome head from tooth of the arrow!


Excellent quality and made in America!

Tyler AM
TOTA 100 grain 3 blade.

First and foremost I would like to clarify that I am a new bow hunter. So I'm still figuring things out... what I can say is that I was getting great groups with my field points. To my surprise when I shot the 3 blade it veered way right and high. Keep in mind I have yet to paper tune my bow so my arrow rest could be a bit off. That being said I shot it right into the dirt. On the shots that did hit my target. The penetration was excellent. The edge retention was very good considering it went into the dirt a few times. It was very easy to resharpen on the bottom of a coffee mug. The durability and ease of up keep I love. I just need to figure out how to properly tune the arrow and broadhead together. I have no doubt it will perform as advertised when I get it properly tuned.

Skee Lessard
Worth it

Great broad head, with great penetration and accuracy. Only thing I noticed was that the grains were a little inconsistent in weight. Will still definitely use this season!