Tooth of the Arrow | Broadhead Sharpeners

Tooth of the Arrow | Broadhead Sharpener

Our broadhead sharpener is specifically designed for the blade angle of Tooth of the Arrow 4-blade broadheads.
Our broadhead sharpening jig works with both 1-inch and 1-3/16-inch diameter Tooth of the Arrow 4-blade broadheads.
Our Sharpeners are comprised of a plastic injected base with two 6-inch offset, stones. 
Our sharpeners come in the standard 320 grit, which will bring the edge back to the factory's sharpness. For those bowhunters who want to have an even finer edge, we offer a 600 grit option.
We recommend only using the 600 grit sharpener only after using the 320 grit sharpener.
The tooth of the Arrow broadhead sharpening jig is recommended to be used with honing oil.  
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