TOTA | 100 grain broadhead | 1-inch vented | fixed blade

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100-grain 1-inch vented | Fixed Blade Broadhead

3 Broadheads Per Pack
Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads is proud to offer the 100-Grain 1-Inch Vented Series Broadhead. This premium broadhead is American-made and fully machined for outstanding quality and performance. 

The 100-grain fixed blade broadhead provides exceptional field point accuracy without sacrificing durability.
With its rugged, single-piece construction and razor-sharp blades, this broadhead is ready right out of the package and easy to resharpen. 
For a superior hunting experience, choose Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 162 reviews
Adam Tripp
The search for the perfect broadhead is over!!

I've been hunting since I was five using broadheads since I was 12 I've shot at least 100 different broadheads trying to find the unicorn that flies like a field point and flies out of a crossbow so I don't need multiple different heads throughout the season. I finally found it in these tooth of the arrow 100 grain vented broadheads. They fly identical to my field points, they are sharp, they fly perfect out of my crossbow a raven r26x and shoot perfectly out of my BowTech carbon One x I'm shooting 70 lb draw 30 and a half inch draw length 480 grain total arrow weight. I've done durability testing with these shooting through beef hide with hair and then through a beef shoulder blade and into my block target which I posted to YouTube and these broadheads performed without a hiccup. I've put these up against 10 different fixed blades including the iron will and I would choose these everyday. You can't go wrong with these broadheads thank you tooth of the arrow for finally cracking the code and giving us hunters the broadhead we can all rely on.


Excellent quality and very sharp. Easy to maintain a razor sharp edge!

TOTA 100

I think this broadhead is great, comes out of the package extremely sharp, the blades feel sturdy and they fly with great accuracy. Wish we would carry them in our store

Trevor LaPaz
100 grain vented

One of the best, if not the best broadheads I’ve shot. Flies true and no broadhead tuning was needed. 100% will recommend!

Lee Sowers
Top Shelf Fixed 4 Blade Broadhead

One piece solid construction
Outstanding flight
Wound channel is unequaled