TOTA | 150 grain XL broadhead | 1-3/16-inch solid | fixed blade

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150-grain XL solid | Fixed Blade Broadhead

3 Broadheads Per Pack
The Tooth of the Arrow 150-Grain XL solid Series Broadhead is the perfect choice for serious hunters who demand the best penetrating fixed 4-blade broadhead without sacrificing cutting diameter.

This premium broadhead is American-made and fully machined for outstanding quality and durability.

The 150-grain 4-blade broadhead also provides additional FOC, and is excellent for traditional bowhunters.

The 1-3/16-inch cutting diameter offers a larger cut, making it the best broadhead fixed blade broadhead for whitetail and other small to medium game.
With its rugged, single-piece construction and razor-sharp blades, this broadhead is ready right out of the package and easy to resharpen.

For a superior hunting experience, choose Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads.  
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At Tooth of the Arrow, we guarantee you will be happy with your 150 grain broadheads. We have a no questions asked 90-day return policy. We also offer exchanges on any purchase, even after you have tried our broadheads.
We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Aaron S.
Sharp and High Quality

Came razor sharp out of the box. No visible blemishes and look ready to do their job. Last piece of equipment needed for elk season this year.

Matt Brantley
Ready for bow season!!

Can’t wait for season to start so I can use them. Quality looks great.

Charlie Ewing
Do Your Job!!

These broadheads simply do their job! They are tough and I love how they are forged from one solid piece of metal. The better you tune, the better they fly. I’ve been happy with my groups practicing out between 80 and 100 yards.

When my bow wasn’t so precisely tuned I noticed these start to just slightly get a mind of their own at longer distances (60+) but when I got my tune really sharp they were flying like darts. I think it’s safe to assume that would probably happen with just about any fixed blade broadhead.

These are no BS hunting tips. That’s my attraction to them. As well as the 4 blade configuration. These broadheads earned my trust pretty quickly because there just simply isn’t anything that can go wrong.

Tom Bell
New 150 gr, 1 3/16 Solid

I did not shoot at a deer this year the very large buck that I was hunting eluded me in the early part of the archery season. I was not able to hunt the second half of the season, after the firearms season, because of a surgery. I am very anxious to harvest a deer with this heavier broadhead and crossbow bolt. Today’s crossbow manufacturers are all about lighter bolts to achieve higher FPS! I have had two limbs replaced on my crossbow and feel this was the result of too light of a bolt. I have gone from a 400 gr to a 540 gr bolt using your 150 gr Solid 1 3/16 broadhead and the accuracy is excellent and this has also quited down the bow a bit! - next year! 😎

Fallis Watkins
Awesome the best I've shoot

Use in Wrath 430 crossbow. Sighted in with 150 gr field points then shoot board head didn't have to anything. Been bow hunting foe 45 yrs