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4 Reasons to Try Single Bevel Broadheads

August 23, 2023 by Leigh Hauck

Although single bevel broadheads are seemingly a new trend in the archery industry, the technology is ancient! Two-blade single bevel broadheads mimic the broadhead technology that had been used by indigenous archery hunters for centuries! Although they may seem drastically different than the broadheads that you are used to shooting, two-blade single bevel broadheads are extremely field proven and reliable! Here are five reasons that you should try single bevel broadheads this season!

No other broadhead design can compete with the penetration of a two-blade single bevel

A common first impression of any two-blade design is that it won’t be as effective as a three or four-blade due to it having fewer cutting surfaces. This couldn’t be further from the truth! What two-blades lack in cutting surface, they more than make up for in penetration. If you end up making a bad shot, or an animal jumps your string and you hit a shoulder, there isn’t a design that will give you a better chance of breaking through that shoulder and into the vitals than a two blade. When paired with the Tanto Tip point, our broadhead is designed to take on any bone and keep going. Native American bowhunters figured that out quickly, that is why all ancient arrow and spear points that you see are only 2 blades! They had extremely low powered bows when compared to today’s standards, and needed the best penetrating option they could create. For that reason, our two-blade single bevel is also the preferred broadhead in our lineup for low poundage and low speed setups.

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Single bevels literally drill holes through animals

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a single bevel, you might be wondering why we would only sharpen one side of each blade. When we sharpen only the right side of each blade, the broadhead essentially acts like a drill bit, coring a hole through the target.

Double bevel designs stop rotating on impact, which works great for 4-blade broadheads, because they poke big square holes through animals although they aren’t ‘drilling’ a hole through the animal. A two-blade double bevel design will penetrate extremely well, but can leave a less than desirable wound channel due to only two cutting surfaces, and zero rotation through the target.

Single bevels on the other hand, create massive wound channels by twisting their way through an animal despite having only two blades. This is the beauty of the design... you get the incredible penetration of a two-blade, and the devastating wound channels that you can expect with a four-blade.

If you don’t believe that they continue rotation after impact, I challenge you to take a single shot with one into your target. When you go to pull it out, the arrow will literally twist in your hands, you will be able to feel the twisting wound channel through your target. It will only take one shot, and you will be blown away by the technology! We also have a video HERE of this concept in action.

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Two-blade single bevels are the perfect broadhead for everyone

Having so many broadheads in our lineup, we are constantly faced with the question “which broadhead is right for me?” While the various 4-blade options each have their own niche that they are designed for, the 2-blade single bevel is truly the broadhead for every archer.

Its compactness means that it will fly well out of any setup and is quite forgiving of less-than-ideal arrow tuning and bow setups. Its incredible penetration is perfect for low poundage hunters, who must seriously consider penetration and energy loss in their arrow setups. It’s extremely thick and durable blades make it perfect for the high poundage and high-speed archers, because it will blow through just about anything you put it up against.

There isn’t an animal too big or too small for this broadhead. From my upcoming Alaskan moose hunt in 2024, to my Coues deer hunt in Mexico, this will be the head on the end of my arrow! This truly is the broadhead for everybody! 

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You will get many hunts out of a single head!

Featuring our thickest blades ever at 0.060”, this is a seriously heavy-duty broadhead. We wanted to design a broadhead that can stand up to any shoulder blade or heavy bone, finish the job, and still make it back in your quiver for next year. That meant creating a very thick and durable blade.

Heat treated and hardened to Rockwell 45, you get the perfect balance of sharpenability and durability. You can easily resharpen our two-blades with any flat stone sharpening kit and return them to your quiver time and time again. I can’t wait to hear how many animals you guys will get out of a single head, I wonder who will set the record!

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