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What Broadhead Is Best For Bear Hunting? We Have Found The Answer

Another spring has come and gone. What a season it was for our customers. We had a record number of people use both our solid and vented broadheads for bear from Canada and the USA.

People chose Tooth of the Arrow broadheads because of the 4-blade design. It perfect for punching large holes that do not close up, and the single-piece design allows for incredible durability.

By fully machining each broadhead, it allows us to control all the tolerances and weights tightly. The result is a fixed blade broadhead with field point accuracy.

Congratulations to everyone who had success with our broadhead this spring (below are a few customer successes).

fixed broadhead

4-blade broadhead

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As we gear up for the season, we are excited to see and hear more success stories from our customers.

 If you have not given Tooth of the Arrow a try, take advantage of our money-back guarantee and see why we are one of the fastest-growing fixed blade broadhead companies around!

Also, we are always looking to expand our product offerings. If there is a product you would like to see us introduce, please send us an email.

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