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Common Beginner Archery Questions

Are you looking for quick and clear answers about your beginner hunting and archery questions? You have come to the right place! Our team of expert bowhunters here at Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads have answers to all of your questions! 

Is archery an expensive hobby?

Archery can be a very expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be! You can have lots of fun and success in archery as a beginner with low-cost or entry-level equipment. Like most hobbies, the sky is the limit in terms of gear. Most archer’s who find a passion for archery seek a gear upgrade a year or so into the sport, but it is not necessary at all to splurge on expensive archery equipment!

How much should you spend on your first bow?

Looking at the price tag of some modern compound bows could be enough to make you back out of the hobby, but there is a huge range of price points and you do not need to spend a lot of money to get a great bow! You can look for a used bow, and expect to spend $200-$300 on an entry level bow, or closer to $500 for a brand new model. At this price point, you can generally get a bow which has all or most of the necessary accessories to get started, and you will just need to buy arrows which may cost another $100 for a dozen entry-level arrows. The good news is that once the initial spend is done and you have your gear, archery will cost you nothing until you decide you need more arrows or an upgrade in your setup.

How many times can an arrow be used?

If your arrows are only shot into targets, they will last for thousands of shots! Once you start shooting at small game animals, your arrows may break on any given shot due to the fact that they could hit a rock or other hard object in the ground which breaks the arrow. That is just the nature of hunting with a bow, but broken arrows are not very common even in hunting situations. You can expect to get 1-2 years of shooting out of a dozen arrows, maybe more depending on how much you shoot and what you are shooting at. 

Is archery good for the body?

Archery is great for the mind and the body! It trains muscle groups in your back, core, arms, and shoulders which are rarely trained in any other setting. Archery is also known to be extremely therapeutic and meditative, as it requires intense focus and calm to be successful on the range or in the field. Because archery is one-sided activity, meaning you will only ever draw and shoot a bow one way because you are either right or left handed, it is important to simulate archery movements with stretch bands or pulley weights to make sure your are equally strengthening both sides of your body.

Is archery a skill or a talent?

Archery is a skill much like playing a guitar is a skill. Anyone can become skilled or appear talented with enough practice, but nobody will be able to pick up and play a guitar without any practice. While some might find the process of shooting and aiming more intuitive than others, anybody can develop the skills to become a great archer.

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