how to start hunting

How To Start Hunting

Are you looking for quick and clear answers about your beginner hunting and archery questions? You have come to the right place! Our team of expert bowhunters here at Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads have answers to all of your questions! 

How to start hunting?

First you will need to get licensed. In general, you will need to take and pass a hunter’s education course before being allowed to buy hunting licenses. Requirements will vary depending on your state or province, so be sure to check with your local wildlife department.

When you start hunting, it is a good idea to go hunting with experienced friends or family a few times to learn the ropes before taking things into your own hands. Hunting is a time-honored tradition that is best learnt through practical experience and wisdom of experienced hunters. If you don’t know any other hunters, reach out on a local message board or check with your local hunter’s education association. There are plenty of programs which exist to teach new hunters everything they need to know!

What is the best thing to hunt for beginners?

The best thing to hunt for beginners is small game such as rabbits, squirrels, and grouse. It is a good idea to get some experience under your belt with small game before trying to hunt big game. It is generally easier to get licensed to hunt small game, easier to find places to hunt small game, and your success will be higher to begin with. You’ll also get some experience with processing game animals on a smaller scale before trying to manage something as large as a deer or an elk. Don’t forget that small game animals are some of the best for eating!

Where can I go hunting?

You will need public land, or permission to access private or leased land from a landowner. Public land is available to hunters at all times during legal hunting seasons. You can easily find public land maps of your local area online but be sure to check local regulations about species and hunting restrictions no matter where you are.

(Check out our full list of DNR resources for your state here:

If you know someone who owns land, they may give you permission to hunt on their land which is a great way to get some hunting experience in a private setting without worrying about other hunters. Just make sure you have clear permission from the landowner. Never go hunting on someone’s land without permission, it is a serious offence.

Getting into hunting as an adult is a rewarding challenge! Be sure to take your local hunter safety course, try to get into the woods with some experienced hunters to learn the ropes, and start by hunting small game. You are sure to have a great time and learn more than you ever thought you would!

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