TOTA | 100 grain broadhead | 1-inch single bevel | fixed blade

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100-grain 1-inch single bevel | Fixed Blade Broadhead

3 Broadheads Per Pack

The 100-Gain 1-inch Single Bevel Broadhead is the perfect choice for hunters who demand the best in durability and silent flight.

Like all other Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads, this single bevel is machined from a single piece of high-carbon steel. No moving or assembling parts means no room for failure.

The 2-blade design offers our thickest blades ever at 0.060 inches and a tanto tip. The result is a bone-splitting broadhead that is made to last.

The single bevel technology continues to rotate after impact, causing devastating wound channels and incredibly deep penetration.

If you are looking for the most durable fixed-blade broadhead on the market.

All Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads are ready right out of the package and easy to resharpen on any flat stone.

At Tooth of the Arrow, we guarantee you will be happy with your shopping experience. We have a no questions asked 90-day return policy. We also offer exchanges on any purchase, even after you have tried our broadheads.

We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

If you are curious why we only released a right bevel, please read this article: 

Helical Direction, Arrow Clocking, and Single Bevels

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Truly flies like a field point!

I recently purchased the single bevel 2 blade in 100gn. I was having penetration issues with my mechanicals. Full disclosure I haven't had a chance to hunt with them yet. However I have shot them quite a bit and the accuracy is unmatched amongst broadheads. It also out penetrated every other broadhead I own. TOTA is definitely my new go to broadhead!

Joshua J Yuhas
Fly like my field points

They fly great and group like my field points. I haven’t shot a deer with them yet but will be confident that my arrow will hit where I aim when the time comes.

Adam L
Performance was lethal

Girlfriend hit shoulder and had an exit on opposite side at 20 yards. Prima 42lbs, 24.5 draw length. Deer didn’t go 50 yards

R Michels
Straight shooters

Very accurate. Haven’t tested on an animal yet but looking forward to it.

John Wray
2 blade

Flies like a champ can’t wait to hunt with them