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toothofthearrow Broadhead 1-3/16 inch broadhead (3-pack)

1-3/16 inch broadhead v-series (3-pack)

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Like all Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads, our 1-3/16-inch series is fully machined and made in the USA.
Our 4-blade fixed broadhead design includes a shorter ferrule for unsurpassed flight, heat-treated for ultimate durability, and sharpened at 45-degrees for maximum sharpness.
The 1-3/16-inch broadhead is specifically designed to create a larger entry and exit holes. Ideal for shots 50 yards and under on medium-sized animals like deer and black bear.
At Tooth of the Arrow, we have designed every aspect of our broadheads for a specific purpose. The result is a true fixed blade broadhead that provides you with more confidence in the field when it matters the most.


100 grain, 125 grain

Cutting diameter


Number of blades

4 blade fixed



Heat Treat

Through hardened to Rc45


Black Oxide

Angle of cutting edge

45 Degrees (included)

Penetrating Point

Chisel point design

Weight Location

Over 80% within the diameter
of the arrow shaft


Low profile design (more aerodynamic)

Unique Features

One-piece construction (Blades and body are machined from one solid bar of steel)

Country of Origin

100% U.S. made in our facility

Tooth of the Arrow's 1-3/16-inch fixed broadhead guarantees results. 

If you use Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads and do not experience better flight, more penetration, and quicker recoveries, let us know, and we will refund your order. That is the Tooth of the Arrow guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Jeff Black
Tooth XL

Best broadhead I've ever used, flies true and very sharp what else would you need. Great will buy more !!

Jeff M
Excellent broadheads!

With the proper arrows in my crossbow, the v-series XL fly exactly the same as my field points out to 40 yards and leave a wicked hole. I can't wait for opening day.

Hugh Ricenberg
Best Broadheads

Fly like field points, sharp as razors, never had a better broadhead and I can resharpen easily after use it’s a no brainer.

Michael Wheeler
Hit hard

Beautifully designed. Hit hard. Sharp out of box no trouble putting a little extra on them. Flew straight. Shot a turkey and coyote with them so far Havnt had them for a deer season yet. Coyote pinned both shoulders as made it face plant had no issues with splitting bone and carrying forward momentum. Turkey left a soft ball size exit on the wing. Still using same broadheads for practice.
Only 1” different then my feild points at 35 yards.
They will work fine for you! Best budget friendly broadhead I’ve found that you can re use


They shot great and flew straight. No issues with them as all. And very sharp. Can't wait to try them this season.

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